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October 05 2017

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Return from the Stars, by Stanislaw Lem, published 1961.

this is wild

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all you need is love
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September 23 2017

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September 21 2017

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Баг в повседневной жизни

when you use your sit emote on a cliff

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Meanwhile, over on Twitter…..

Haunted Ventriloquist Dummy.

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Step 1: Look at the Price.

Step 2: Look in the Trash

because there can be a store like this full of food and people on the same block starving because they don’t have enough pieces of paper to trade for it.

because the people who planted, maintained, harvested, and inspected all that produce are compensated barely enough to sustain themselves

because in order to drive down the prices of bananas, the us government and american fruit corporations destroyed the democratically elected leftist governments of numerous central american countries, placing murderous despots at the head of these “banana republics”.

because the scars of these crimes against humanity still haunt millions to this day.

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“Я там это… Вареничков тебе налепил…”…

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Well this is amazing.

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September 19 2017

I always love how bitchy conservatives get when it is shown in polls, time after time, that Denmark is the happiest country in the world.




Gee, I can’t think why.

You know, all the things that were supposed to make society miserable and bring about the downfall of civilization.

So like, how hard is it to move to Denmark? That stuff would solve ALL my problems (well, aside from the last one, I don’t have and don’t want kids, but that’s neither here nor there).

Not easy. Since they’re now building a wall to keep out fleeing Americans and insisting Trump will pay for it.  

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Masha The Hero

They forgot the part where the ambulance actually stopped to let the cat in

oh good I was worried

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