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April 09 2017

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Julie D’Aubigny was a 17th-century bisexual French opera singer and fencing master who killed or wounded at least ten men in life-or-death duels, performed nightly shows on the biggest and most highly-respected opera stage in the world, and once took the Holy Orders just so that she could sneak into a convent and shag a nun.

(via Feminism)

bisexual opera singer who killed ten men and snuck into a convent to shag a nun.

Just so y'all know, she later set that convent on fire so she and that nun could sneak out. And she seduced one of the men she’d dueled.

Mademoiselle de Maupin (Julie d’Aubigny) has always been one of my role models. I’m so glad this post exists so more people can learn about her. The more you know, the more there’s to love. Let’s see:

  • Around 1678 (she was like fourteen or fifteen), she was making a living in Marseilles by doing fencing exhibitions, dressed in male clothes, with her boyfriend who was on the run because he killed a guy in an illegal duel in Paris.
  • Then she joined an opera company and fell in love with a young woman, but the woman’s parents decided to put her in a convent to, you know, protect her honor and all that…
  • …so yeah, that’s when the whole “sneaking into a convent to help a nun sneak out and also putting the room on fire” thing happened.
  • She wounded a guy through the shoulder with a sword in a duel because he had made fun of her clothes. They became friends after she came back a few days later to ask if he was okay.
  • She beat a singer who was quite famous at the time because he was being a jerk to some women from her new opera troupe in Paris.
  • She kissed a young woman in front of everyone at a society ball, and that angered three noblemen who were there, so she beat them all in duel and fled to Brussels. Then she resumed her opera career there.
  • Then she returned to the Paris opera and had yet more problems with the law because she beat up her landlord.
  • She retired to a convent after the death of her love Madame la Marquise de Florensac, and died at only 33 years old.
  • The legend says that she never got arrested for all her deeds because king Louis XIV thought she was way too entertaining to deserve death. I have no idea if that’s true. But she did sing in Versailles for the Court, so there’s that.

She’s back on my dash!

The woman who is, no word of a lie, MY PERSONAL HERO :D

How badass can you be to basically get a lifetime pardon from the king?!

Julie D’aubigny: It’s okay I have a note from the king

“Julie can do what she wants - King Louis XIV”

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Google could launch an effort to keep trolls and bad information at bay, with a program that would rank websites according to veracity, and sort results according to those rankings. Currently, the search engine ranks pages according to popularity, which means that pages containing unsubstantiated celebrity gossip or conspiracy theories, for example, show up very high.

Climate change deniers are freaking out about this.

Fox News is also freaking out about this.





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April 08 2017

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April 07 2017

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they are a witch’s two familars and have never gotten along, but one day the witch disappears and so they must go on a cross-country search in order to bring her home. along the way, the cat learns to loosen up while the crow gains worldly experience, and they both become better friends

show me the Dark Homeward Bound

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April 06 2017

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How to put on a sweater with a cat on your shoulder. [full video]

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April 04 2017

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April 03 2017

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This woman is amazing. She literally provided food and water for orphans in Zimbabwe, paid student fees for over 40,000 students, and established a scholarship program that would raise 6.4 million dollars to send students to college. The program that helps thousands of orphans go to school is called the “Capernaum Trust”. Her motivation to help underprivileged orphans stemmed from her being poor in the past.  

“I spent time with these children and I came to love them. I wanted to keep doing more for them, but I realized that it was not just enough to keep giving them fish. I had to teach them how to fish. I wanted them to grow up and fend for themselves and become successful people. I wanted them educated”.  

Don’t let her work get overshadowed just because she’s a “millionaire’s wife”. She deserves as much recognition for her hard earned work. 



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March 24 2017

March 21 2017

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znak na Patriarszych Prudach "zabrania się rozmowy z nieznajomymi" czyli Bułhakow w Moskwie 
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power beans

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Fuck the system!!!
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