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September 19 2017

I always love how bitchy conservatives get when it is shown in polls, time after time, that Denmark is the happiest country in the world.




Gee, I can’t think why.

You know, all the things that were supposed to make society miserable and bring about the downfall of civilization.

So like, how hard is it to move to Denmark? That stuff would solve ALL my problems (well, aside from the last one, I don’t have and don’t want kids, but that’s neither here nor there).

Not easy. Since they’re now building a wall to keep out fleeing Americans and insisting Trump will pay for it.  

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Masha The Hero

They forgot the part where the ambulance actually stopped to let the cat in

oh good I was worried

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September 10 2017

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Something that was deeply offensive to most of the cultures the Vikings encountered was that Vikings didn't worry too much about fidelity, even the women could shag around, and their husbands happily accepted the children as their own even if they knew they weren't the father.

The reason was quite simple. Keeping a child alive was difficult back then so any child that survived was a miracle, and people wanted big families, so if your wife had a child it was your right as the husband to keep it. The other loser could mob around with one child less to his name.

September 09 2017

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They’re a good boy. (via imgur)

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September 08 2017

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She’s a bright future in MMA

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Schrodinger cat tattoo
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September 07 2017

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Wielcy Polacy i Polki...bo Kopernik była kobietą!

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